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Background Information

Since 2012 Automark Solutions has been optimizing auto dealer websites for lead generation utilizing a series of plug-in conversion tools. While ample empirical evidence was available to prove these tools were effectively increasing the quantity of leads, there was limited evidence to quantify the quality of these incremental leads. In May of 2014 Automark Solutions commissioned iHS™ to conduct an independent analysis of leads generated by their lead converters. This case study summarizes their findings.


The objective was to independently validate or disprove the ability of Automark Solutions’ converters to effectively engage in-market buyers not just online shoppers.

Analysis Data

Automark Solutions provided a data set containing approximately 12,000 unique customer records generated as a direct result of an engagement with Automark’s converters. Each record included: first and last name, phone number, email address, zip code and converter used to generate the lead.

iHS™ was able to successfully match the provided information with 9,974 unique consumer households in their database and cross-reference those against ownership records to determine who had purchased.


Overall Buy-Rate Of the 9,974 leads successfully matched to the iHS™ consumer and ownership records a total of 4,611 (46.2%) had purchased a new or pre-owned vehicle at some point in time between submitting the lead and when the data was analyzed.

Purchase Time-Frame on average, leads generated by Automark’s converters purchased a vehicle within 71 days of engagement.

Buy-Rate By Car Class of the 2,106 new vehicle purchases made by leads generated by Automark’s converters there was no statistically significant variance in the buy-rates by car classes.

Buy-Rate By Converter although there was a considerable difference in lead quantity between converters there was very little variance in the buy-rates between converters.


Based on this study’s findings there appears to be sufficient evidence to substantiate the claim that the incremental lead volume generated by Automark Solutions’ plug-in converters comes without compromising on lead quality. In fact, it could be argued that the buy-rates across Automark Solutions’ tool-set may very well be among the best in the auto retail industry.