Visitor Conversion Analysis

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Background Information

In 2012 Automark Solutions began optimizing auto dealer websites for lead generation utilizing a series of plug-in conversion tools. This case study looks at how those tools performed in February 2015 for a group of stores owned and operated by a publically traded company in the U.S.A.


The objective of this analysis was to prove or disprove the ability of Automark Solutions’ converters to effectively engage online shoppers and quantify the contribution made by each converter.

Analysis Data


TOTAL ENGAGEMENTS- the 6,453 unique visitors engaged with an Automark Solutions’ converter a total 23,168 times, an average of 3.6 engagements per unique visitor.

On average, each unique visitor viewed 2.2 vehicle details pages

13.3% viewed a Daily Deal details page

26.6% viewed a Lease Special details page

OVERALL CONVERSION RATE (Unique Leads vs. Unique visitor engagements) - of the 6,453 unique visitors who engaged with an Automark Solutions’ converter, 920 (14.26%) submitted at least 1 lead as a direct result of the engagement.

CONVERSION RATE BY CONVERTER- the 920 unique customers submitted a total of 1,243 email leads, an average of 1.4 leads each. The chart below reflects the volume and conversion rate per converter.


Based on this analysis it would be reasonable to make the following conclusions:

1.Overall lead conversion rate of 14.3% eclipses the generally accepted conversion rates of 1.5%-3% by most dealer websites’ vehicle details pages.

2.As evidenced by the staggering 31%+ conversion rate for the Instant Price Quote converter, the ability to receive pricing information instantly is too compelling for online shoppers to overlook.

3.Since 40% of the tracked website visitors viewed Automark Solutions’ framed-in Daily Deals and Lease Specials pages, online shoppers find these offerings relevant to their shopping needs.

4.The 211 (17% of the total) Instant Lease Quote & Daily Deal signup leads would probably not have been generated were it not for those framed-in pages.

5.While; Instant Price Quote, Instant Lease Quote and Trade Appraisal tool accounted for 77% of the total leads, the 284 leads (23% of the total) contributed by Automark Solutions’ other converters may not have been generated were it not for them.

Special Note: while we are not able to provide empirical evidence to support this statement the Regional Digital Manager overseeing the stores used in this analysis claims that Automark Solutions’ leads, consistently close in the 15%-20% range.