September 28, 2016 - CDK Global partners with Automark Solutions

As part of an ongoing effort to offer a more streamlined website integration experience, Automark Solutions LLC is pleased to announce it is now a CDK Global digital approved partner.

By way of this partnership, Automark Solutions is able to seamlessly integrate its entire suite of products onto a new or existing CDK Global website. For vendors, this partnership will ensure a faster and optimized deployment on their platform.

Max Steckler, vice president of product management at CDK Global, said in a press release the partnership will not only give their dealers choices, but also the assurance the products will work smoothly on their sites. "By working so closely with our partners, not only will the installation process for these applications be easy and seamless for our website customers, but many integrations will include features and functionality not available on any other website platform," Steckler said.

Rudy Martin, co-founder and managing partner of Automark Solutions, said he is looking forward to the possibilities opened up by this new partnership. "We're excited about our new relationship with CDK," Martin said. "CDK's new Digital Partner Program validates their commitment to serving the needs of their customers. As the market leader in lead conversion technology this partnership will help CDK's customers dramatically improve their online sales performance in a seamless and fully integrated fashion."

About Automark Solutions

Since 2012, Automark Solutions LLC has been optimizing automotive dealer websites for lead generation utilizing a suite of innovative conversion tools which quantifiably improve online sales performance. These proprietary applications can be added to any website and have been independently proven to deliver incremental sales. In a recent study conducted by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Automark Solutions’ platform delivered a 115% increase in lead volume with a 24% close rate resulting in a 78% year-over-year increase in total internet sales. Automark Solutions’ platform is GM and FCA certified, among others,and an approved website plug-in by most other OEMs. To learn more about Automark Solutions and its ability to generate incremental first party leads, higher conversion rates and increased sales, visit our website at Automark.Solutions.