About Automark Solutions

Automark Solutions was forged out of a shared vision by its founders to develop applications which could effectively address two glaring and undeniable conditions facing the automobile dealer in the USA.

1. While marketing investments designed to drive traffic to their websites continue to grow at double digit rates annually, the overwhelming majority of that traffic (97%-98%) never submit an online inquiry and 80%-85% never engage with the dealers' sales resources.

2. In a highly competitive industry, where points of differentiation are often a question of perception and; always the difference between mediocrity and excellence, the very first interaction a franchised dealer has with a potential buyer or service customer involves a closely monitored and controlled, manufacturer-mandated website. While we admit that these templates have done much to ensure consistency with the manufacturer's brand image and marketing message, as well as the user experience, they've also made it increasingly difficult for one dealership to differentiate it's self from other in-brand competitors.

Over a period of one year extensive research was conducted to determine why the overwhelming majority of online shoppers, clearly in the market for the dealer's products and services, visit dealership websites but don't submit online inquiries. This research led to the development of a solution-set which systematically removes the barriers to engagement using innovative technology, engineered around the online shoppers' needs and wants, which can be easily added to any dealership website. Within days of implementation they have been proven to cost-effectively deliver a competitive advantage and a quantifiable improvement in online sales performance. In 2012 Automark Solutions' Conversion Driver Suite of products was subjected to an arduous evaluation process by a panel of industry peers and awarded the AWA's highly-coveted "Top Website Merchandising Tools" award.